“Parent” roughly translates to “flexible” see: “super hero”

Being a parent is as exhausting as it is rewarding. I have all these ideas on how my day is going to go or my weekend and then when it's all said and done I look back and shake my head at the abandoned plan we left crumbled in the dust. Flexibility. That has been …

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Beyond Beanie

Excited to be a campus rep for @beyondBeanie and help them #helpchildren in Bolivia! Example: 1 hat = 5 meals for a child in need I 1 bracelet = 1 dental care for a child in need. Use my code Melrakes09 for 15% off at beyondBeanie.org πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ’›