Cosmic Kids Yoga…say whaaaaa??

So I have to share this because it is truly life-altering.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is now our latest morning and night time ritual. I just pop it on and it’s a fun easy thing I can do with my kids that they love (sometimes).

So you can watch the videos here on her YouTube account!

Here’s Annabelle doing some Yoga!

So far this has been such a huge relief in my daily life.

A good example is this morning. My daughter woke up in a MOOD. She was not having it. This particular argument was centered around us not agreeing on her outfit she wanted to wear to school.

In a situation where I would normally have said “I’m mom so just do what I say or you’re going in time out” I said “You know what? Hide your clothes under the table where we can’t see them and we will deal with it after we do some yoga”.

We turned on YouTube on our smart tv and played the “Disneys Frozen” themed video! We were laughing most of the way and finished up feeling refreshed. It gave her time to calm down, and gave me time to really think about if I needed her to change her outfit. I decided that she could wear what she wanted if she wore more appropriate shoes and everyone was happy.

My favorite part of this has to be that she makes it SO fun and engaging. My kids really enjoy it (with the exception of my 3 year old, Drake. He’s kind of hit and miss 😜)

Even if it just forces you to take a time out and nothing else, this is a good thing to implement into your routine. But there is so much more to gain from it. So we are going to try to use this every morning and night and see how else our lives are changed!

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