Hey look at how cute my kids are

This is my youngest, Jacob. He is three months old and he is so sweet and just lights up my world.

This is Drake, my middle child 🙂 he has such a funny goofy personality. He is our little entertainer. I chose this picture because it makes me laugh out loud! He was giving me a “thumbs up” 😜

This is my oldest, Annabelle. She is full of force and drive. She is my most independent child and she is definitely my challenge some days. In the picture she was being “poofy” 😜

I thought I would take a moment to make a post introducing my three littles since they are 97% of my life 🙂

They are fun, exhausting, challenging and amazing. I am constantly learning from them. Every day they challenge me to be the best person and mother I can be, sometimes I feel I fall short but I think they think I’m doing a pretty great job 💛

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