A week in the life

Our week (In a nutshell)

So I’m in love with snap chat filters..now that we have established that lets move on.

We had a great week! Went up to Susanville over the weekend. If you haven’t been, it’s one of those “it’s not what you do but who you’re with” kind of towns. Small, kind of dry mountain town with all the quaintness (and some tweakers) that mountain towns have.

We stayed at the Diamond Mountain Casino & Hotel, definitely wouldn’t recommend for families. It was nice had a pool and what not but I had hoped the smoke smell would be more in the casino area. It smelt bad EVERYWHERE. If that doesn’t bother you, then it really is a nice option.

We spent some time at Memorial Park by the baseball field and that was kind of the highlight for us! Fun dog friendly park, we even brought Annie with us which added a little extra fun!

When we got home we were READY to be home. Stopped in Chester on the way home and had lunch at this neat park (again by a baseball field) that was also by a creek which kept the big kids entertained while I fed the milk monster πŸ’›

After coming back, Jacob kind of had a rough few days. I don’t know if the rush of our trip or just being out of his element through him off or what but it was a difficult patch of days.

One evening (I believe it was on tuesday) I resorted to using our trusty porch swing to rock him through his discontent, and Drake snapped this picture that melted my heart πŸ™‚

And a few of these:

Drake and Annabelle had swimming lessons this week and this picture was from Thursday. Drake finally jumped into the big pool! (That’s him in the water) he was so proud! His stance on NOT entering the big pool was “there’s too much water” lol there’s Annabelle standing in line behind him. She was so good about making sure NO ONE cut infront of her baby brother πŸ™‚

I declared a new worldwide holiday that every Friday is donut Friday:

And thus this morning:

So this week was a fun week πŸ™‚ thank you for reading and I hope you have a blessed life ✌🏻

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