Jacob- 1 Mom- 0

On Friday I melted my breast pump supplies.

See look:


Just FYI it was 100% user error, I forgot to add the water. These steamable bags are actually super awesome when used correctly.

ANYWAYS. I needed to go to target to get more supplies. I had hoped that I would be able to also see “Me before you” in theaters…I haven’t seen a grown up movie in a theater in a long time. Haven’t done something fun without being puked, pooped or whined at in a LONG time. I read the book so I had been wanting to see the movie for a while now. 

Well of course there are only two showing today. And we couldn’t get a sitter. So the movie was out the window.

So just a pilgrimage to target. It’s a 40 minute drive so definitely a pilgrimage, but well worth it. I could literally spend all day in target doing “basic bitch” things and buying home decor. 

Jacob needed to eat of course immediately after we arrived. I think he decides anytime he’s in a new place he needs to eat to make sure we are still taking care of him.

Pit stop in the starbucks section to breastfeed. Some ridiculous human being insisted on following me and sitting right beside me as I proceeded to get my cover and position my hungry angry tyrant. Adds an entirely different element of stress when someone is watching. Fed baby, stood up and was puked all over.

I seriously almost burst into tears.

My family was lost in the paradise that is target, or today my own personal hell, so I marched to the baby section to get my supplies. Grabbed the overly priced pump kit because they of course don’t sell the tubing individually which is part of what I needed. Pirates.

Located my family, hurried to check out to the dismay of our two children that I had promised to get a toy and failed miserably. Drake screamed throughout the entire parking lot, loaded everyone up and threatened to “pull the truck over if I hear another sound” at least three times.

So here I am in my truck, ten minutes from home, covered in breastmilk spit up, hungry and tired.

On the bright side:

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