Traveling with a baby in 10 easy steps

Step one: have realistic expectations. Don’t go into it thinking it’s going to be a walk in the park. Go into it thinking it’s going to be hell and then allow yourself the ability to be pleasantly surprised. Unless it really WAS hell, and in that case I’m very VERY sorry.

Step two: get your happy items. No better way to start your trip on the right foot than with the things that warm your soul.

Donuts and Starbucks 😍

Step three: leave at a time that allows you an hour of give or take. I plan on stoping at rest stops, loading up on snacks, puke stops, etc. Those things may or may not happen, but worst case scenario you’re early. Best case your on time (or a little late). As long as at the end of the day a time constraint doesn’t add to all the hell surrounding you.

Step four: drug up kids. This is optional but important for me because my kids gets HORRIBLY car sick. As do I.

Step five: puke and cry. Regret the coffee from earlier, that was hard coming back up. Life is hard.

Step six: change baby’s diaper and get poop all over you. Acknowledge said poop as a reality of your life and move on.

Step seven: brace yourself for the rest of the drive while bribing your daughter into helping with the baby by promising her shopkins.

Step eight: ………..well you’re almost done.

Step nine: celebrate when you finally see the glowing promise from God that is your hotel.

Step ten: get junk food, put on clean sweats and think about what a badass you are.

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