Our vacation and why I don’t post on weekends

When I started this I promised my husband two things, one that I wouldn’t write posts on the weekends and two that I would keep the pictures of him to a minimum.

Well I kept one of those promises! (Come on, he’s my person of course I’m going to show him off to the world)

Anyways, this weekend we made the pilgrimage to Fortuna, Ca. What is normally a 4 hour trip was doubled because of our little Jakey who had a hard time.

He was HAPPY when we got to the hotel!

We caught a couple baseball games on Saturday

And made our way to the Samoa Cookhouse for dinner. Didn’t get a picture, too busy stuffing my face with their AMAZING bread (food is so so, not bad but not amazing).

The second night was rough on Jacob he was wiped out

Sunday we played all day!

Didn’t enjoy a drink there, but enjoyed the history of his bar! The westernmost bar in the continental US, found in good ol’ Ferndale!

We hit the beach while we were in Ferndale:

It’s a cool town you have to go on a Saturday afternoon because the town pretty nearly shuts down on Sunday’s. Cool little odds and ends and a nice market where we got sandwiches 🙂

Then we ventured to Loleta to get some cheese. Had a good laugh at the “historic Loleta cheese factory” which was established in 1982 😂

Their cheese is amazing, I also got some apricot pepper jelly which is EVERYTHING.

Also got some yummy Baklava and was VERY HAPPY that my kids didn’t like it so I got to munch on it alone 👍🏻

On our way home Monday we decided slow and steady is how we would win the race.

Stopped at “Confusion Hill” for some good ol’ roadtrippin’ fun!

Had to feed the little man first, of course. 👶🏻

Stopped in clear lake for some Frostee Freeze and then booked it home. Took us EIGHT HOURS but I’m glad we took our time.

Little man was WIPED OUT.

It was a good trip, but I’m glad to be home!

I’m so glad that our space had become a place we look forward to coming home to. It’s a truly special feeling 💛

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