What I learned from my third child


Each of my children have been a true lesson. They really do shape and mold you while you are shaping and molding them.

It’s HARD sometimes. A lot of the time. But it’s also a LOT of fun!

Annabelle taught me to grow up. I was 19 so through her I learned priorities, that I was NOT number one and that I could love someone more than I ever thought possible. I started looking at fun a different way. I wanted to create moments for her that I remember my mom creating for me and loved every minute of it. I also had to go through a lot during that marriage and although it didn’t work out I took away the strength to not settle for myself and for her.

She also taught me how to be a mom. I mean she technically made me a mom.

Drake taught me to trust. My husband now was very different that my previous marriage and I kept thinking the entire first year “Wow, this is how it’s supposed to be.” He also introduced me to multitasking and a little bit of time management.

I look back now on that first year and laugh. I remember how paralyzed I was. I couldn’t go or do anything “because I had two kids”. Our house was trashed, grocery shopping was unheard of, I basically just locked down.

Now I look at all the “free time” I had when it was just two!

Jacob has taught me patience. I have learned that my children don’t operate on my schedule and that I have to give them A LOT of extra time.

I have also learned some SEROIUS time management. Chores unfortunately HAVE to get done, even if the “baby won’t keep” my house can’t be a constant state of chaos. I take hour lunches now and my goal is a load of laundry or dishes.

I’ve learned to table things. If I don’t finish something on my lunch I leave it there. I’m not devoting all the time I have at home with my kids to cleaning. With the exception of dishes. I LOVE waking up to an empty sink so if I don’t do it on my lunch I definitely do it before bed.


I’ve learned multitasking like no other. I have cooked dinner while breastfeeding and helping my daughter read for school. Getting three kids out the door by 7:40 is no joke. That takes some skill.

I’ve learned that my older kids are freaking champions. They have adapted and understood that the baby has a lot of needs that sometimes come first and totally don’t care. They actually help me! If I’m in the shower and the baby wakes up Annabelle will go get his pacifier and “shhhh” him back to sleep. If I and changing his diaper and he pees everywhere, Drake will run and grab me a new onesie (and have a good laugh about how I got peed on).

I have learned to laugh at my imperfections. “Hot mess mom” is my persona. I have learned to embrace and love her! I’m not perfect. I’m almost always running late, if you talk to me about something too serious I almost always cry even if it’s just like showing me wedding pictures jeez I’m a mess. Sometimes I am so tired at the end of the day I just was to scream at my older kids to go to bed! And that’s normal and doesn’t make me a bad mom. And I can joke about it and my husband and I tag team through life.

Sometimes my husband drives me nuts but I have realized through having our third child that he is truly my person. You know that quote “whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”? You can really feel that when you find your person. We’ve been together for five years and I have loved him unconditionally all the way through but after number three I feel like we are locked in. “Ride or die” if you will.

Having three kids is nuts, and we are DONE we are a complete family now, but I’ve learned so much and am still learning. I’m excited for our future 💛
Also, hubs brought me coffee but no donuts. I’m wedged between gratitude and deep rooted disappointment.

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