Lice: Satans agents

………Lice took me to a dark place on Wednesday, July 6.

Got the call from daycare, Annabelle has nits in her hair. After I stopped crying, I went outside and had my hair checked by one of our amazing nurses. No lice, thank you merciful lord.

So I bee-lined to our daycare and picked up my brown eyed girl. We went straight back to my work to have her head examined. 

The nurses said it was a strange lice case. The eggs were planted far down the hair shaft which led them to believe it was from an old lice case, but there were no live bugs and I have never treated Annabelle for lice (aside from Boo! Lice Shampoo I bought at target to use when we got letters sent home from school about lice in the classroom). So it wasn’t an ACTIVE case and no one else had any THANK YOU LORD! But we treated it as though it was an active case.

Went to Walmart and night the super two pack of Nix and busted the lice like it was nothing.

Disclaimer: the comb is bullshit. Used basically just to help me find the lice and then used my fingers to pull it off her hair.

Altogether she had probably 20-25 eggs in her hair, all of which were about an inch away from her scalp which leads me to believe they were definitely old.

Everything fluffy in her room has been through our santitizing option on our dryer, and I have an awful crawling sensation on my scalp from paranoia lice.

Husband went and got me a chocolate milk shake and all is right in the world.

Use this hashtag to tag me in your lice-capade. I think we need a support group. We’re all in this together πŸ™ŒπŸ»

PS. Went to get donuts this morning. Donut shop was closed today and yesterday. I should’ve known today was going to be rough.

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