I am exhausted today and it’s not from the normal mom things like “baby kept me up all night” or “needed to stay up and get some stuff done”.

I stayed up late watching the news last night. I was glued to the tv and just shocked and mortified. Last night officers were gunned down by a sniper in response to the recent string of officer involved shootings targeting African Americans.

I’m not trying to take a stance or start a fire. I am just appalled by the senseless acts of violence, the unabashed hatred and clear division within our country.

We need God now more than ever. Now, whoever your God may be is enough. Even if it’s a voice that speaks to you internally that you have not named a God, we need to turn to that voice. I am Christian, but I am a “lazy Christian” (I don’t take my kids to church). There’s nothing wrong with that. I believe you can carry your church in your heart. But for my family I feel like we need to plant our roots into a church and fill our hearts back up.

I plan on taking my kids to church for them and for myself. These tragedies just really make me want to turn to God.

To those who do not have a religion, turn inwardly and find some light to cling to. I just want to encourage everyone to find some peace and be mindful.

Remember gratitude and to be truly thankful for all you have.

Today I am thankful for my family and their health. I am thankful for another day I have been given on this earth. I am thankful for my job that allows my to provide for my family and give them whatever they need. I am so rich in blessings.

I just want to encourage people to find the good and cling to it.

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