Don’t. Freak. Out.

This was at my desk when I got to work this morning. But I digress.

So I am moving forward in my quest to have all of my favorite books signed by their author (if their alive). I reached out to three different authors.

The first was Iain Lawrence for his book “The light keepers daughter”. No response yet but I’m VERY hopeful as that particular book hold DEEP meaning for me.

Second Jojo Moyes for “Me Before You” and the sequel “After You”. I know it’s a lot to ask for two signed books but in my defense I DID offer to send her my own copy. I swear I’d even pay for the freaking shipping!!!


Ask and you shall receive, bitches.

Hey, it’s not a book but I’m not greedy.

Ok I’m a LITTLE greedy. It’s just that the authors are important to me by an extension, but the book is the REASON. I am still very excited, but I don’t know if I necessarily wanted a signed photo of her? I count this as a win, but I’m still gunning for a book. ONE DAY!!!

I’m embarrassed at how much I geeked out and how long it took me to muster up the courage to write back.

Finally, I emailed Tamora Pierce. I won’t even begin to tell you which books of hers I’ve read. Just google her and the answer is “all of those”. She was the first author I committed to (aside from J.K. Rowling). I wanted to have my copy of “Tricksters Choice” signed because it was the gateway book that dragged me into the world of Tortall. So I did it. I emailed her. Finally, after all these years I was finally doing it.

….an automated message. The nerve. I’m SURE you read them all that’s why you made the automated message right?? Wrong! Heart broken. One day I will get a signed book from her, but I feel like email is a dead end.

So for now I am anxiously awaiting my Jojo Moyes autograph and cracking open “The Light Between Oceans”.

Send me some book suggestions!

All for now!

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