White girl-chiladas


(My Enchilada recipe)

So I buy a pack of the chicken breasts from Walmart they come in a pack of like…three or four. I cook the entire pack, you do you though.

2 cans of sliced black olives

2 cans green chiles


1 pack of burrito sized tortillas

My husband is a wimp and can’t eat any kind of red sauce so I use Canned El Paso verde sauce and I get one of the big cans

I’m lazy but love cheese so I buy a big bag of the Mexican shredded cheese


1 pack of taco seasoning mix

Fry the chicken in a pan and I DUMP taco seasoning mix on the chicken. Like I use the entire packet. I could eat the taco seasoning mix by itself it’s amazing.

Once the chicken is cooked through, I preheat the oven to 375.

Take the chicken and shred it. I use two forks and it takes forever and hurts my wrists. There is probably a better way to do this.

Now, in your tortillas put the desired amount of chicken and cheese (which should be A LOT) and 1/3 cup of verde sauce. That’s optional but I like to do it. Also add olives and chiles, this is a step I usually forget which is why I have a apocalypse ready stash of chiles and olives in my pantry.

Roll them up and place in glass baking pan and pour remaining verde sauce, top it off with cheese and maybe extra olives if you’re feeling dangerous. My mom is a vegetarian and she would sometimes put olives on the top of ones that have no meat.

Bake for 45 minutes or until the cheese is melty and wonderful.

While their baking, horde the remaining chicken. Sometimes I will pour the little extra verde sauce over the extra chicken and eat it in secret so I don’t have to share. It tastes better when you don’t share.

I usually serve it with a can of posole and a can of refried beans, because I don’t know how to make either of those but what are enchiladas without them? Exactly.

Rejoice that there is something you are able to successfully make every time that tastes good, your kids will eat and is super easy. And by rejoice I mean eat before your food gets cold. Because you work hard and deserve warm food just as much as your greedy husband who made himself a plate before even the kids have been served.

Look at him, sitting there all smug like he OWNS the place. He doesn’t even KNOW.


4 thoughts on “White girl-chiladas

  1. birdieandjack

    I am a fan of anything with green chiles! They are my all time fave! I have to try them with teh black olives. It sounds so good!


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