Read for your life

Carving out time to read a book when you’re a busy mom can be a hard thing to do. Sometimes I just want to turn on the TV and kick my feet up and not have to think for a while.

The last four months I’ve been doing that a LOT! (In my defense I’m SUPER sucked into this season of The Bachelorette)

But the time I dedicate to meaningless shows I could DEFINITELY dedicate to reading, and lately that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Obviously, I am NOT giving up The Bachelorette, Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Survivor or…yes I have no shame…Teen Mom. I love that stupid show and I can’t explain it don’t you judge me.

So I’ve decided to start a Book Challenge. Join me if you’d like!

Every month I am reading at least two books. So far I have read “The Light Between Oceans” and I’m working on “Tarzan of the Apes” (which I didn’t think I’d like but I freaking LOVE). After each book, write a review on it! Weather it be on a blog post, Instagram, Facebook or just a good ol’ fashioned GoodReads review, writing is an extension of what you’ve read. 

The kicker is each book should be from your local library. A library is an endless see of literature just waiting to be explored. Go to a library, walk through the aisles, close your eyes and smell the inside of a good (preferably well loved) book and read something totally out of the ordinary. Or not. Just read SOMETHING.

If I, a mother of three with a full time job and a blog, can do it SO CAN YOU. Fill in that junk time with something that has substance.


So I’m going Fiscal year style from July ’16 to July ’17 so by the end of this I’m hoping to have read 24 books πŸ™‚ DO IT

4 thoughts on “Read for your life

  1. Tierney

    I love that your doing this. I never know what books to read… It’s almost intimidating to go to the book store or library and find something I’ll like. There’s so much to choose from!!


    1. It can be!! I went this past Saturday and left the kids with Manuel (which he was not happy about lol) and it took me a solid hour of browsing!!! I think with all our hard work we deserve that! Lol


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