FEED projects diaper bag and why you need it


So I would like to start out by saying this is absolutely not sponcered by anyone. I just love my diaper bag, want to share it, and also love the idea of giving back.

Now that being said;

This is my FEED projects diaper bag. Every bag sold provides 180 micronutrients to a mother and her child who are in need.

I don’t usually spend high dollar on items like this, but with this pregnancy I decided that I was going to. I’ve never owned a really NICE diaper bag and most of that is because I was never really using my diaper bag. And I mean these are pricey by my standards. $150 is more than I’ve ever spent on a single baby item! Even the crib! But it’s definitely not an ungodly number in the diaper bag world.

Now that I have this, even just putting aside the philanthropy aspect, I use my diaper bag ALL THE TIME! It’s truly amazing what a difference it makes investing into a GOOD quality diaper bag. It makes such a big difference!

Just from looking at their website it doesn’t look like they sell it in this pattern anymore, but they have a few other ones that are freaking adorable!

Check them out here:


I think the “honest” pattern is definitely my favorite but I also love he Jean material on the “indigo” bag. I could see that being more functional with small children running around.

What I love about my bag is that it’s super functional. It’s big enough to hold everything but not so big that I’m loosing things. It comes with a strap as well so in my picture above I removed the strap and just use he handles because that’s how I do things 😎

I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking into investing the money into a good quality diaper bag! If you’re going to spend it anyways might as well have it do some good in the world πŸ’›

2 thoughts on “FEED projects diaper bag and why you need it

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