Stitch Fix. You guys. Stitch FIX.


OMG guys.

So I signed up for Stitch Fix which is a clothing subscription box where after answering a series of questions a stylist chooses items and send them to you. It’s a $20/mo charge, which will be applied to your purchase should you choose to buy an item. If you don’t choose to buy anything, you just send it all back within a certain time frame free of charge (but the $20 is nonrefundable).

Here are some pictures from the app. Super easy to use, and VERY clear. I love it!

There are several reasons why I’m excited about this!

FIRST: I have no style sense, so if I don’t want to/can’t afford to buy anything at least I can get an idea and go buy the items cheaper elsewhere.

SECOND: It will get me to try out items that I wouldn’t normally pick for myself. I don’t usually buy anything high quality because I don’t like spending that kind of money on myself, but then when I look at my closet I am underwhelmed.

AND LASTLY: The idea of someone picking things for me and then sending them when I have no idea what’s being picked is SUPER fun! Its like someone is sending you a present…that you pay for. Ha!

One of my coworkers is who turned me onto this. Her clothes she gets are super cute and she always brings the box into work and opens it with all of us! I’m just excited about it!

I also read a really beautiful testimony on Instagram where the company sent a woman who has been struggling with her MS medication a mug that she had liked on Pinterest along with a handwritten note. I thought it was so inspiring that they a) took the time to write her a note and b) went through her pinterest (you have the option of linking your pinterest to your account so they can get a sense of your style) and bought her an item that was not affiliated with their company. I really just thought that was going above and BEYOND.

If you’d like to sign up with her referral link, you can do so by clicking here 💛

So even though I was already signed up, I actually bumped up my delivery date because I just was SO impressed with that kind of customer service. Any company who does that has me in 100%. You just don’t see that anymore.

SOOOOOOOOOOO my Fix is here. I was supposed to get it Friday and I have been obsessively stalking the tracking information and it got here a day early (which to me is amazing like AMAZING. It’s basically like another gift. I HATE waiting for things!

So without further ado, my first fix!


Ok I have to say this was the BEST part. The surprise of it all!! Not knowing what I was going to get it was like a present!!! So fun!

I also loved how everything was wrapped so neatly it just was very cute and felt special.

So here are all of my items at a glance. The purse guys. The purse.

The purse is probably my favorite thing I got. The price is steep, but again with my $20 I have already paid it’s pretty reasonable if I just buy the one item. It’s very Joanna Gaines which is EXACTLY what I asked the stylist for.

This top was fun especially because of the split back! I guess you could wear it with nothing under but I think it would be super cute with a black or white tank top 💛

The jeans fit like a dream they were so comfy. Their pretty high waisted which I’m not a big fan of otherwise I’d definitely keep them! For some reason I thought they were going to be capris but they are not lol

This one took me a minute to decide if I liked it, just not something I’d normally pick but I think with my skinny jeans and a pair of boots this would be PERFECT

This shirt I was most excited about and liked the least! Super cute, very good quality but for my build it just doesn’t work. My shoulders are too broad I look like the hulk in a tank top 😭😭

Over all I LOVE IT very satisfied and will definitely be keeping a few items. If you choose to keep everything you get an additional discount which is pretty nice! All of this would end up to around $200 which is pricey but not insane considering the quality and quantity.

I will probably be keeping the purse and two shirts! 💛😬

8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix. You guys. Stitch FIX.

  1. Cute clothes! I had heard good things about this service even before reading your post. Sounds like something to consider for the future. Glad you had such a good experience!


    1. It was really good! I was surprised. I really liked that I was able to contact my stylist like I told her I had just had a baby and didn’t want anything too tight on my stomach and she really nailed it!


  2. A Welder's Wife

    This is an amazing service! I may have to sign up for it! I’m sort of transitioning my style and have no idea what is what anymore! This would also make an amazing gift for someone! Thank you for sharing! Pinning for later!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ATreasuredLife

    Agh! I just got my first stitch and I am head over heels! I also LOVE reading about the mug… it makes me like this company even MORE. Cute stuff in your box!

    Liked by 1 person

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