Shopping list for a mom to be

First, I would like to begin by saying that in reality all you need is a place for the baby to sleep,  way to feed him or her and clothes and diapers/wipes.

That being said, after having three kids I’ve honed in on what (for me) are my “must haves”.

First, a nursing station.

Now this is definitely a luxury “must have”, and mine is still a work in process!! But I have the basics.

A solid amazing rocking chair. My grandparents actually got this guy from a second hand store while I was pregnant! It’s the most comfortable amazing chair. It spins 360 degrees which is really convenient! So much better to me than a glider. I had a glider and this just offers so much more flexibility.

I also have a little end table stocked up with snacks, breast pads, cloth diaper burp rags and blankets! I always keep bottled water there as well because that is key for breastfeeding! It’s amazing how dehydrated you get.

I also have the Crane Elephant Adorable Humidifier ($44.99 at Walmart) which I love because there is no filter so it takes WAY LESS UPKEEP. That’s essential when you have a newborn. This humidifier was a life saver for me!

Next: a good quality diaper bag!!

You can read my review on this specific diaper bag on my FEED projects diaper bag review.

But regardless of what kind of diaper bag you get, this is somewhere to splurge. It was never something I put value in but now that I have one I see its value 100%! It sets the tone for life. Having a good diaper bag creates an extension of yourself, it’s like my third arm I never knew I wanted!

Now, changing table.

I have used this changing table since my six year old was a newby. It’s amazing because it’s a dresser, and then the long part is perfect for diaper storage. It has a little table top that I have used for decor in the nursery (baby #3 is my roomie so it’s become a more functional then superficial space).

Next to it you see my diaper genie. I have the arm and hammer one and some people have said how their stinky? I’ve never had the issue. I mean I empty it when it gets full so pretty regularly and I’ve used the same one for almost four years lol so it’s good.

So if you choose to breastfeed….nursing cover!!

You HAVE to get one with a wire sewn into the top. You have no idea how necessary that is until you try it out. I’m not going to even explain myself, you just need to heed my warning. That’s how real this is.

So here’s some essential essentials.

My small baby army 🙌🏻

I have NEVER used anything other than bag balm on my babies. But for Jacob, it just wasn’t cutting it. Butt paste has been perfect for him! I still swear by bag balm, but this is a close second.

Aquaphor was something I had to get for Jacob’s circumcision care. I now continue to use it behind his ear at night because he sweats and gets infections in the skin fold behind his ears. I keep it dry and clean all day and then put a glob of this on it at night.

Everyone in my house has sensitive skin and aveeno (fragrance free) daily moisturizer has been a strong contender in my home. It NEVER FAILS ME. It is my happy place, my refuge in a sea of baby lotion.

Johnsons baby powder is just a good thing to have. It’s not better or worse than anything else. I only buy the travel size because it’s more manageable and I’ve never found I needed more than that. There’s some debate on the safety of baby powder, but as with everything do what works for you. I believe that with a little common sense, things are safe. No, I don’t use it EVERY TIME and if I do I am careful to keep it from going all over the place. Again, common sense. But if its not something you want to use then don’t! Mom knows 🙂 here’s an article on the controversy of baby powder from baby center.

But this is the one thing I freaking love and should buy stock in.

I whip this bad boy out when diarrhea hits my home. It doesn’t take much for my little sensitive skinned loves to go from diaper rash to sores so I bring out the big guns and this takes care of it right away. Clean butts, happy babies!

So then there’s the Boppy!

I used My breast friend when he was a newby because it was sturdier, but once he got more head control we went right back to my old friend the Boppy 💛

I love this! And it’s so cute as soon as Jacob seeks it he gets all ansy and kicks his feet and flails his arms! He KNOWS it means food.

And last but not least, mama&papas baby snug floor seat and activity tray!


I have just recently started using it because I didn’t have it with my others (I always used the bumbo) and Jacob just recently got to a good stage for it. But HOLY COW I love it! Blows the bumbo out of the water (in my opinion) and I just think it is super functional.

As a mom of three, I believe 100% in functionality and “the easy road”. This is MY LIST of must haves that work for me and my fam 💛

Also, Drake cornered a wolf spider in my kitchen, sword in hand ready for battle.

It doesn’t look that big, but it’s HUGE. Huuuuuuge.


7 thoughts on “Shopping list for a mom to be

  1. crazylifewithlittles

    Great must haves! I was all about the essentials with baby number 2….You get to a point when there’s just too much stuff!


    1. I’m glad you found it helpful!! Definitely different for some people but I think all of these things are musts especially a breastfeeding corner! It is so motivating and keeps things as zen as possible 🙌🏻


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