Na-cho fit mom

“Na-cho” as in “not your”…see what I did there? Pretty good huh?

I digress.

I am NACHO fit mom. I don’t count calories, I don’t get up early to run laps (I get up early to watch the last half hour of bachelor in paradise before my rug rats wake up), I eat what I want when I want. I made corn bread muffins the other day and ate like at LEAST five. And by “at least” I mean definitely more than five.

I’m not discrediting fit moms. You do you boo. I admire your dedication, my lack of being able to stop eating carbs makes me appreciate how hard you work.

But I am not fit mom. Nor will I ever be.

I got challenged by my coworker to cut out the sugar (donuts, sodas etc) and I’m kind of freaking out but that’s about as far as I will ever go. I will never stop eating bread. Never. The thought of not eating bread makes me angry. It makes me angry and I haven’t even stopped eating bread. It makes me angry and I wasn’t even CONSIDERING giving up bread.

I of course want to be healthier so I am cutting back on some things and would like to start exercising more but not only is that my choice it’s not anyone else’s business.

There is so much pressure to “get back to your pre-baby weight” and frankly I have no desire. I mean ya, I want to be able to look in the mirror naked and not cringe, but that’s about it. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be skinny. It just means accepting the body you have right now, or making changes if you aren’t where you want to be.

All I see all the time are “wraps” that get rid of stretch marks and “baby fat” or shakes that will “melt off the pounds” and “bikini-body ready” fat busting pills. I have actually been approached to use people’s products and chronicle my journey to help market their products and I think that is so disgusting.

My least favorite comment is “you look great for having just had a baby” or even better “…for having had three kids”. Ok, I know you meant well and all but you have to stop saying that to people. FIRST, just because I have had a baby doesn’t mean that my body is up for discussion. SECOND, the comment “you look good for…” is rude. It’s a backhanded comment, and you know it so get it together homs. FINALLY, this idea that there is a time frame and a finish line and a point that I need to reach in order to ‘be myself again’ needs to just stop. I have enough going on trying to breastfeed and learn about this new human while taking care of my two older kids, the last thing I need is to also worry about my body.

I understand that some people thrive on that, and that some people need that in order to feel like themselves again. That is a personal choice they have to make for themselves, making that choice is not right or wrong. It’s absolutely no one’s business. 

My stretch marks are not only none of your concern, but also not a big deal. Most people get them, I don’t need a magic vanishing cream or lotions to lather myself in while I’m pregnant to “prevent them from happening”. You didn’t get stretch marks? Good for you. I didn’t with my first or second but I did this time and their beautiful. They were from a time in my life when my favorite people were growing inside of me. They don’t harm me; they don’t pose a risk to my health. So no one should care that they are there.

There they are by the way. Drake said it looks like I have a tree growing on my tummy.

I am NA-CHO fit mom, nacho as in “not your” and also as in I freaking love nachos and I will eat them without shame.


2 thoughts on “Na-cho fit mom

  1. Tierney

    Thank you for being the one to say this. I have been feeling the same way and have also been approached with wraps and beach body crap. I will “get back to myself” whenever I find out who that person is now. I can button my pre baby jeans so that means they fit right? 😘


    1. I’m glad you can relate!!! I hate getting products shoved down my throat to buy stuff to make me look the way I’m apparently supposed to look. And you’re absolutely right, were still figuring that out. And I think that counts 100%!! You’re better than I am!! 😂


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