Hot mess guide to first day of school

The key to surviving  the first day of school is prep.

A secret that many moms don’t know is that the first day of school actually begins at least a week before school starts.

At least it does for me because  that’s when we do back to school shopping.

“Melissa, why do you do your shopping so close to the first day of school?? Isn’t that cutting it pretty close??”

Ok, first back off you judgey mcjudgerson. A week is PLENTY of time. I want these clothes to be BRAND NEW for the first day of school. I want these shoes to be CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL. None of these items will ever be so pure EVER AGAIN and the fewer amount of days I have to hide them high up in my closet the better.

Today was my oldest child’s first day of first grade! Look at how cute she is:

Next is not a must but I highly recommend it. Deep clean the bedroom sometime during that week. I prefer to do it the day before because a I want that room to be nice and fresh! Why you ask?

  1. It sets the tone for the first day of school, which is essentially the tone for LIFE. When they wake up in a clean room with clean sheets it’s a day that started on the right foot.
  2. Get rid of the old shit. If your children are like my daughter, they are hoarding little pack rats. Throw away the ripped up, crumbled projects from the year before. She doesn’t need them. It’s time to get rid of the old so we can embrace the new.

Now, this is key. Let THEM pick out their outfit the night before. We did a fashion show for dad because why not. There may or may not have been wine involved. There should definitely be wine. I mean your tired, you should be slightly buzzed.

I threw in the towel when it comes to Annabelle’s fashion preferences. I literally am powerless and it’s not the battle I want to fight. Our deal is it needs to be weather appropriate, and I get to say no. And if she takes too long to get up, I get to pick because we have to GO.

Once I let go of that part, I saw her really bloom. Her school days are more special because she gets to pick her clothes. It’s actually pretty awesome.

Here’s the kicker. Lunch.

Some moms make their kids beautiful lunches every day. That’s great it really is. I don’t. I won’t. Like I literally can’t. It’s about all I can do to get everyone out the door dressed and fed to be at work by 7:30, I don’t have enough arms to make lunch.

So that final tip from me is don’t sweat the lunch. Their getting a good lunch at school. Annabelle had pizza today like who doesn’t love pizza? I tried so hard last year to make beautiful lunches for her every day and I felt so guilty when I didn’t but really it’s ok. It’s not a mom-fail for kids to eat a school lunch. It’s expensive as hell, and I definitely try to have lunch made as often as I can because I don’t want to pay for it but if you can’t it’s ok.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

And if you don’t get that beautiful first day of school photo, that’s ok too.

You go, mom. ✌🏻️

14 thoughts on “Hot mess guide to first day of school

  1. Love this! I love how you let her pick her own outfits. I’m sure it makes her feel more free and confident! I also completely agree about Pinterest lunches. I will probably be the Mom who makes lunch for my kids everyday, but they better not expect their sandwhich to be cut out in the shape of the closest holiday, because ain’t nobody got time for that (plus who can bear to throw out all those scraps???)


    1. Nothing wrong with being the mom who does it all or makes lunch every day! I wish I could 💛 and thanks, she is so opinionated about her outfits it has made EVERYONE in the house much happier


  2. Justine @ Little Dove

    Haha, I loved this! I especially liked the lunch part, lol. Luckily my kids are home for lunch (my son is in a charter/homeschool hybrid and only goes for 3 hours a day), btu that’s how I feel about snacks at soccer games. All us parents take turns and I’m like, “Really? The kids need an ice cream cone full of fresh fruit and whipped cream after their game? Okay.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of my kids sandwiches and they never noticed! Lol and I’d tell them and they’d look at me like I was stupid they didn’t care AT ALL so I was like FINE! No more! Lol but that’s nice that they are home for lunch! That is one thing I really miss about being a stay at home mom 💛


  3. This is fantastic! My kids don’t start until the 31st, but we’re going on vacation for a week before then so I’m going to be running around like crazy when we get back. Back to school shopping hasn’t happened yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. May the force be with you! I don’t know WHY we start so early I think it’s silly growing up I remember September being the beginning of school! But I guess that’s why I’m not in charge lol


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