How to survive the dreaded stomach flu

Back to school isn’t all chalk board first day of school pictures and beautifully crafted lunches. Disease. Parasites. Kids who’s parents let their children have way too much freedom and your previously happy children now think they live in a prison. THAT’S back to school.

Over the weekend we ALL got the stomach flu. Even my little baby 😭 I have been around the block when it comes to stomach flu, and so this one rampaging through my family didn’t stand a CHANCE. Here’s how I do it!

Step one: go into the bathroom and cry/play candy crush/check Facebook 

It’s ok, you need to break down one time. This isn’t fun, no one feels good, you aren’t going to have a good time. 

I usually open this with the good ol’ “Hey babe, hold the baby real quick I have to go to the bathroom”. He usually eyes me suspiciously and grunts.

I go into the bathroom and sit on top of the toilet seat lid. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t really have to go. But I needed to get my head in the game for what’s coming! I NEEDED to level up on candy crush. 

Usually my husband will end up knocking to the door asking if I’m still alive or if I fell in…like we both don’t know that I was fleeing. It’s either him knocking, or my kids sliding their fingers under the door…

Step two: clean your DAMN house

It’s hard to stay up late when you’re a mom, especially when you aren’t feeling well. 

When you first see the signs of illness coming, begin the cleansing. My baby started tugging at his ear a little on Sunday, so I called my Mother-In-Law and she took the kids for a few hours (because she’s AMAZING) but sometimes I have to just suck it up and get it done at night.

When she took them I DEEP CLEANED. Vacuumed, wiped every surface down, laundry, everyone’s sheets and blankets you name it it got cleaned. 

This is just necessary. If you don’t have an amazing mother in law who will do that for you, find a friend, enlist your husband find SOMEONE. You need to start with a clean slate.

No dishes, no laundry…nothing.

Step three: grab your designated puke bowls.

I have one per kid and that’s ALL they are used for. I wrinse them out constantly between puke sessions and bleach the CRAP out of them when the virus is vanquished.

It’s important. My kids are so used to this routine that it makes puking a little less miserable. They have their color specific (pink for Annabelle, blue for Drake) bowls and get to lay on the couch on themed towels (princess and minions) and we watch Princess Bride on REPEAT. It’s so engrained in them that the routine actually gives them a little comfort! Routine is very important.

Step four: suck it up butter cup

Get the dirty work done quick. Let the baby cry if you have to for a second and wash the bedding once when the virus begins and when virus ends. I do this every time their sick even if they haven’t puked in bed. This time I HAD to wash everything every day because there was always some bodily fluid in bed but freshly cleaned sheets are HEALING.

You might be tired and sick yourself but they are counting on you to make everything better.

Step five: the little things matter

I put my kids blankets in the drier for a inure every night before bed, give them warm baths every morning and buy stock in chicken noodle soup and 7up when their sick.

Having these routine things we do every time makes them feel better. It works just as good as medicine. Think of when you were little and sick, what did your parents do? My mom ALWAYS put on The Princess Bride, and when I watch it when I’m sick even as an adult I feel warm and fuzzy inside. This is why I play it for my kids now. We all curl up in my bed and watch it together, drifting in and out of sleep. 

These little acts of love are so important. 

Now, let the virus run its course. It will be over soon.

Step six: damage control.

Once everything is better it’s time to purge the disease from your home. Deep clean everything, sanitize and wash all of the blankets again. LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED. Leave no sign of illness in your home. Make the stomach flu wish it never messed with your family.

Then…hand baby off to someone, go into the bathroom and play candy crush again. You’ve earned it, soldier.

2 thoughts on “How to survive the dreaded stomach flu

  1. The stomach bug is the worst. It’s also the worst when your husband gets it also. UGH. These are some great tips. My mindset is that I just need to survive. Just get through and it will be over eventually!


  2. lovinglittledixie

    Stomach bugs are awful!!! You are right about back-to-school. We’ve been back in 5 days, and I’ve already got one home sick.


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