Freshly Picked Moccasin review

SO I finally got my hands on a pair of the coveted Freshly Picked moccasins! I have been eyeing them on Instagram for a while now and let’s just say they are hard to resist. I bought the Weathered Brown in size 2 for my little dude’s little feet (priced at $60).
If you know me at all, you know how I feel about baby shoes. As cute as they are, they are HIGHLY impractical. Babies kick them off, you end up having to stash them in your diaper bag where they end up getting little cookies smooshed on them and babies typically don’t walk when their under a year. I am not a fan of spending $60 on something that is impractical.

So I tabled the moccasins for a while, but then I was drawn back. I decided to try them out, and I’ll tell you right now as far as baby gear goes they are VERY functional. Come with me down baby shoe-lane.

First, they ship out pretty quick. I ordered on Thursday, they were processed and shipped out Friday and I was supposed to get them by Monday. Well I actually got them Saturday! For me, that is a huge bonus. By the time I order something online, my patience is at ZERO and I basically want it RIGHT NOW.

And look how cute the packaging is!!!

Second, they are REALLY functional. They stay on really well and when we would go places I never once had to worry about losing a moccasin or having to shove them into the black hole that is my diaper bag. They are very soft and easy to get on (a big bonus for moms of little squirmy babies!) and definitely durable. Jacob notices them every once in a while and wants to eat them, but they don’t seem to really bother him at all like little hard soled shoes do.

We went down to San Francisco over the weekend and they were perfect. They don’t make his little feet hot and sweaty, but they kept them from getting really cold when we were by the Golden Gate.

They even stayed on during nap time!

Third, they are adorable. I am not a big accessory person and I’ll tell you what I don’t leave the house without those bad boys firmly placed on my son’s feet! I get tons of compliments, he looks so cute and his feet are covered by something other than a sock! They go with pretty much anything with the color I picked, but I am HIGHLY considering trying out the Born in the USA moccs!

One thing I will say is that although they have a great boy selection, their girly moccs are TO DIE FOR. If I had a little tiny girl she would basically live in the Cactus Flower moccs. They are ADORBS. An their bringing home baby bundles are adorable and well priced. I haven’t personally tried them out, but I wish I had known about them when I was pregnant with my little man!

I like a brand that you can grow with and I like small businesses. This kills both of those birds with one stone! They have the “next step” shoes that are more like regular shoes and are just as they are labeled, for the next step! My older son wants the Just a Slice shoes (they have a pizza pattern, SO cute!), and my daughter is deciding between the Blush and Rose Gold.

So were they worth the $60? Yes. 100% yes. I have also noticed they have a pretty good resale value if you are into that kind of thing. I will hold onto mine and pass them off to potential nieces and nephews one day since my baby-having days are over.

If you want to purchase your own you can do so here! Trust me-well worth it!

Like them? Want your own? Go visit my Instagram for my giveaway! Click the image below to be redirected.


7 thoughts on “Freshly Picked Moccasin review

  1. I think you’re review just pushed me over the edge! I really might have to order some of these, I have two baby girls and have also been watching these for awhile! Thank you for sharing your experience!


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