How to pack a diaper bag- tips from a mother of three


So this is something I think every new mom should be educated on. I remember being young and naïve and packing the diaper bag with WAY too little, and I remember packing it with WAY too much. Here is what you NEED in your diaper bag, from a mom who had packed herself more than enough diaper bags.

1: You need extra clothes.
These clothes don’t need to be eight piece layettes with matching socks. These are your emergency clothes! These are your “oh god there is poop everywhere we need to go home but my baby can’t ride around town in poopy clothes” or “we have to finish grocery shopping or we will die of starvation” clothes. Two pairs of onesies, two pairs of little baby leggings/sweat pants and that is IT. Update the sizes you keep in your diaper bag every three months or as necessary.

2: Garbage bags.

I’m sorry to burst your mom-bubble people of the world but if you throw your poop diapers away in the target bathroom you need to re-think your life. Its gross, it’s not fair to other people and it’s kind of against the rules! I throw my poopy diapers away in a diaper pail in my home, or take them outside to the garbage can. In the rare case that they are thrown away inside, it’s only when I am about to take the trash out. If you do that in your home, WHY do you think its ok to just dump them in a garbage can at a store?

PLUS, target is a sacred space for mom’s to walk around aimlessly and shop. Don’t mess that up!

INSTEAD invest in garbage bags. I use these from Walmart, and added bonus their scented! I don’t smell anything through them, and their so convenient. Especially when you have other kids and you are also hauling snacks around with you. Just plunk your garbage in there and move on! And if you have to throw it away in a public garbage can, people don’t look at you so harshly when you use those. I think they appreciate that you gave the world a LITTLE consideration!

3: wipes.

DUH, right? You need wipes to wipe that precious little bottom! Well, you also need it for boogers, spills, sticky hands, dirty faces. YOU NEED THEM FOR EVERYTHING. Keep a little pack and don’t use it for anything else. I have been in that place where you were out of wipes and you just grabbed the pack from the diaper bag to use with EVERY INTENTION of returning them to the diaper bag. BUT we are human and we forget, and there is almost nothing worse than being caught without wipes.

Mom’s will mom-judge you for being a mother of a baby and not having wipes.

4: diapers, diaper rash cream, changing pad, etc

Well, for obvious reasons. I keep five diapers in my diaper bag all the time, I love Butt Paste, and most diaper bags come with changing pads but if yours doesn’t it’s WORTH the buy.

The only thing I will say on this is a cheap standard changing pad does the job. You don’t need anything with pockets or special sections. You have your DIAPER BAG and it’s full of pockets. Fancy pads are a WASTE of money. I’ve mentioned the FEED projects diaper bags before and they come with a good standard changing pad!

5: toys

I keep two toys that stay in my diaper bag exclusively. I don’t need them super often, but when we are on the go those toys are perfect because they are a toy my baby doesn’t get to play with very often. It’s kind of like getting a new toy!

6: Pacifier clip

If you use a pacifier, you need a clip. It’s amazing how helpful those things are! I keep it in the diaper bag because the only time I need it is when I am running errands or away from home. You can get them anywhere and they are SO handy!

7: extra nursing cover

I have two nursing covers. I keep one EXCLUSIVELY in my diaper bag and another in my living room. If you choose not to cover that’s another story, and if you choose not to breastfeed OBVIOUSLY you don’t need to cover but if you do it is worth it to have two and keep one in your diaper bag at all times.

So these are my tips! Never underestimate the power of a well-stocked diaper bag. I have had to take a child to the Dr because of some random ailment and been VERY thankful that I had my diaper bag ready to go already. When you are going on a trip, it PAYS to not have to worry about packing that when you already are packing suitcases. Your diaper bag is supposed to be a convenience, and if you take the time to make sure it’s ready to go then you are getting all of the bang for your buck.

5 thoughts on “How to pack a diaper bag- tips from a mother of three

  1. Tierney

    I would have to add- a spare t shirt for yourself (just in case). I also leave the pacifier clip clipped onto the car seat latch or the baby carrier. I love your idea on the garbage bag because for one, the doc office won’t let you throw it away there, for two if you change baby in the car it usually ends up stinking the whole thing up!


  2. Exactly!! I forgot to also add burp cloths!!! Extra t-shirt is a must! I need to have mom consultation parties before posting mom must haves lol because the tshirt is genius


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