Please stop growing


Today was Drake’s first day of his first year of preschool and I am a mess.

I look at my six-year-old daughter and I remember doing this with her at the same preschool. It feels like it was just yesterday.

I looked at how proud he was getting his backpack, how big he looked and how handsome he is. This time three years ago he was just a little baby in his car seat sleeping while we dropped off Annabelle, I was working full-time for barely over minimum wage; I remember how HARD it was to get time to go take her to preschool and how I worked two double shifts that week. I remember how proud she was and independent and how I admired that fact that she didn’t really need me there.

Annabelle’s first day of preschool

Now we are back here three years later for the Tuesday and Thursday class and I see so much of that in Drake. Our situation is different, we own our home, we are more stable, I work a regular Monday through Friday job and make way more than I ever made previously. I had no problem coming in late this morning so I could take my son to his first day. The biggest change is that instead of everything in pink, we are 100% Captain America!

I cried when we were getting ready because I know how fast this is going to go. I look at my five month old, only a month younger than Drake was when we were doing this with Annabelle, and I feel my heart ache a little because I know we will be here for the very last time with him before I know it.

Annabelle and Drake on her second year of preschool
Annabelle and Drake on her second year of preschool

I am so proud of them for growing into these people who I love so dearly, and I am heartbroken that they are growing. Today was SO bittersweet. I can’t wait to pick up my little guy this afternoon and hear ALL about his first day at preschool.

Drake's first day of preschool
Drake’s first day of preschool

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