JORD Wood Watches- my review and why you need one!

I am really excited to have the opportunity to work with JORD wood watches! I just recently received my watch courtesy of JORD and I am already hooked!


I missed the notification that my watch had shipped out, so I didn’t obsessively track it like I tend to do (saved me a little stress to be honest!), but when I got home from work and saw the packaging on my dining room table I lost it.

This is the box the watch comes in which is honestly just as beautiful as the watch itself. When I brought it into work the next day I had returned everything to the original packaging and my coworkers all agreed that the box it came in was equally impressive.

I really love that you can have the watch sized for your wrist. I have never owned any accessories like this that fit SO perfectly. It’s truly amazing how different it is when you invest a little extra into a higher quality item. I have watches that I never wear and feel nothing for, but now this is definitely a favorite must-wear of mine.


Super lightweight and comfortable, the watch is really very functional for my day-to-day activities. I like to go on long walks on my breaks at work and my wrist doesn’t get all sweaty and gross, and I’m not babying it or worried about getting it hooked up on anything. Those two things are really important to me, I have no use for an item that adds an extra step to my life.

My watch is from the Women’s Watches Cora series in Maple and Silver and it really just fits my style perfectly. I tend to wear darker colors and metals a lot and the lighter wood really helps balance me out. The watch has eight Swarovski crystal markers that add the perfect amount of bling without taking away from its character. It’s VERY versatile and I have had no problem wearing it at any occasion; it really ends up being a great conversation piece! The watch face and band both are the perfect size for my wrist not too bulky but I feel like it’s solid and not this fragile accessory that I have to baby throughout the day.

It was easy to set the time, but I struggled with screwing the crown back down into the closed position. TOTALLY user error, but I was really pleased with the customer support I received. I went to the JORD website and very easily started a chat with a representative. I relayed my problem and he immediately got back to me with a solution (I needed to push the crown down more firmly, even I at first didn’t give the durability the credit it deserves!).


Aside from the functionality, let’s face it the watch is also gorgeous. I have gotten SO many compliments and sometimes I catch myself gazing at it (ok so maybe not safe to wear while driving?).

They are pricey watches, but again you get what you pay for. The quality is indisputable and they have a wide price range that really leaves an option for everyone. They would make great gifts for someone you love! There’s something about the wood element that just make it feel like it was made with love.


So would I recommend? Yes, 100% if it is in your budget. I know so many people who just can’t justify spending that kind of money on a watch, and that is just the reality of life. If you can afford it,or perhaps want to budget and save for a really special gift, it is well worth your money; you will not be disappointed!img_6171

If you are interested in buying your own watch you can do so by clicking here!


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