The Princess Diaries: How And Why It’s The Greatest

Don’t even go there.

I don’t want to hear it. Seriously I just can’t.

When my husband came home and rolled his eyes when he saw Princess Diaries was on I stood tall and proud.

I have never seen Princess Diaries on and thought “eh, no thanks”. It’s like Castaway or Forest Gump or Big…basically anything with Tom Hanks. It is a classic woven into my SOUL. 

So here is WHY.

1. Mia is just totally relatable.

Even if you weren’t a total dweeb in high school like myself, no one can honestly say they went through high school unscathed. We all have/had our insecurities. Mia embodies the feeling everyone has had at least once in their lives: that they are swimming upstream. 

2. Julie Andrews

Need I say more? I mean…they could have searched the entire earth…they could have hired an actual QUEEN and she would’ve PALED in comparison to Julie Andrews Queen-ly-ness.

3. Supporting cast

Hector Elizondo was perfect! I loved him as a lovable butler/bodyguard/queens side chick πŸ’›

And who DIDNT drool over Robert Schwartzman? I mean…seriously who? Because I totally did.

And Mandy Moore is the perfect bitchy antagonist. I truly love to hate her and she is probably a great human being but she has played too many major antagonists in my life πŸ–•πŸ» Not even voicing Rapunzel can right the wrongs done by her characters.

4. The foot pop

The moment when Mia is explaining to her mother about how she wants the “foot pop” moment with her kiss just kills me.

Firstly, don’t we ALL? And secondly, please tell me I’m not the only person who got dejavu when her mom gave her that “wtf” look. 

I swear my mom still gives me that look.

5. When Joe iced the Queen

Am I the only one who waits in anticipation as Joe drops that silent beautiful “I’m saying as a grandmother you were too hard on your granddaughter” bomb on the Queen? Like seriously I want to go “oooh shiiiiit” every time.


It’s just perfect in every way. I want to go cry in the rain singing “catch a falling star” when I see it.

And when she accepts the Genovian thrown and her grandma looks like she’s going to burst with pride 😭😱😭😱

AND when Michael ends up showing up and they dance and it’s freaking gorgeous.

AND HER FOOT POP THE ILLUMINATES THE GARDEN. Like holy-mother-of movie tie ins that was perfect.


So those are six of my reasons why this movie is just the best. Inspired by a snarky comment from my husband about how I’m a grown woman with three kids watching Princess Diaries…

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