Babywearing with BabyHawk


I could write a freaking book on baby wearing and how it has simplified my life. I never wore my oldest, and I hardly ever wore my second child. Looking back, I know the problem was the carriers. I was never comfortable, they felt like more work than they were worth and my babies never seemed too thrilled.

My cousin uses BabyHawk Carriers (and has even modeled some of them) so I was drawn to them just from her photos. Towards the end of my third pregnancy, I decided I would invest a little extra money to get one for myself.


They are about $100 so at first I was a little put off, especially since my previous experiences with baby wearing had not gone so well. They thought of spending $100 on something that I might not even use just made my skin crawl, but I gave it a whirl! Looking back, I am so glad I did!

The body of the carrier feels very sturdy; I definitely don’t worry about my baby slipping or sinking into the carrier. This was important to me. I had used the Moby wraps and I never got the hang of them and I never felt like my baby was secure. It was also comfortable not just for my baby, but for me! Once I get him wrapped up, it takes very little adjusting to make the straps sit right on me.

If I didn’t have my carrier I would never accomplish anything. I curl my hair, do dishes, sweep and vacuum…you name it I use the carrier to accomplish it! Probably one of my favorite things about it was how easy it was to figure out breastfeeding while using the carrier. I was intimidated by it at first, but it was SO easy. Definitely not something I would have attempted until I was comfortable with basic wearing first, but once I got that down it was super easy. I breastfeed while doing the dishes all the time!


One thing I would advise new moms who aren’t used to the Mei Tai wrap style is to take the time to practice before you NEED to use it. I would practice when I was alone at home and didn’t really need to use the carrier. My carrier came with a little slip with instructions on how to tie it so I just set the instructions on my bed and would practice every day. It was a definitely learning curve for me, but once I figured it out I couldn’t imagine living without it.

The “visable is kissable” is the rule of thumb for positioning in these carriers, and that was helpful for me to remember. I am positive there are youtube videos out there on how to tie a BabyHawk Carrier.

I feel like I can still accomplish tasks that need to be done, but I get to have time to connect and be close to my baby as well. I have to have my make-up and hair done before I go to work, but we get to do it together and I talk to him the entire time as opposed to him crying in his crib while I struggled to finish getting ready.


People say “babies don’t keep, do the dishes later” and I get that and I agree to an extent…because the dishes don’t keep FOREVER. And like…we need cups. And sometimes at the end of the day I am so dirt tired I just fall asleep when I put my kids to bed. So yes, you should spend time where your children are your only focus, but sometimes things just NEED to be done and in those times the carrier has made it much easier. Even enjoyable! I love when my son reaches up with a big gummy grin for me to pretend to eat his little pudgy fingers while I am doing the dishes!


Along with the functionality, the design is ergonomic for your little bundle of joy! It seats them in a comforablt natural sitting position and I would imagine that being worn as opposed to sat in a bouncer too much would help prevent flat spots on their little noggins. Possibly unrelated, but my son had issues pooping (he would go 2-3 weeks sometime and was exclusively breastfed at the time) which was sometimes scary we would have to give him stuff to make him go. Once I started using my carrier regularly he has had NO problem pooping!

Another bonus: they are totally customizable (see some options here) and if you can’t find a pattern you like you can contact the company directly and get fast and high quality support. I kept in contact with them, and I actually got the wrong color for mine and they sent me the right one right away no questions asked with a prepaid shipping label to return the one I received in error. They were really prompt and took accountability which I really liked.


So 100% I recommend the BabyHawk Mei Tai carrier for anyone who is looking for a comfortable and functional baby wearing option!

27 thoughts on “Babywearing with BabyHawk

  1. Baby wearing changed my life! My oldest is too big now, but my little one LOVES it! Especially riding around on my back! I haven’t heard of this carrier, I will have to forward to some of my new mama friends for them to check out!


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