Broke ass single mom goulash recipe

I am neither broke ass or single, but if I were this is what I would feed my family. And I was, once. And my mom was once too. And hers. I come from a strong line of women who had children very young and were single mothers for a period of time.

When I think about my childhood, my mom’s goulash comes to mind more than once. We ate it a lot and I always thought I was just so lucky that my mom always made my favorite food for dinner. Looking back, I now realize it was a cheap, quick meal that makes a LOT. Thinking back, we ate goulash for DAYS after eating goulash!

So I’m sharing my mom’s recipe with you, and I hope you enjoy it!!

1lb ground beef

1 16oz box of Large Shell noodles

1 16oz package Velveeta cheese

1 can whole kernel corn, drained

1 45oz jar spaghetti sauce
Brown your beef…duh. I season the HELL out of mine. I mean really lay it on! I season mine the way I would season ground beef for spaghetti so you do as you’d like in that regard. Typically I sprinkle Italian seasoning until it’s pretty well covered.

Then add the spaghetti sauce

Mix well and add the velveeta cheese! I cut it into large chunks so it melts better.

I know it’s super fake and bad for you and whatever but good lord it’s good.

After the cheese is melted and mixed, stir in the corn.

Then after you boils your noodles combine everything in the pot!

It’s good, it makes a TON, and it’s super easy. Not everything has to be a masterpiece of gourmet perfection, some things are just good.

It tasted exactly like when my mom makes it, and I even sent her a picture and got the “looks good Mel!” seal of approval!

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