24 hours after the election in a house divided

It is no secret that my husband and I believe very differently when it comes to politics. I am way more liberal and he is way more conservative.

I voted for Hilary Clinton, and I am pretty sure he voted for someone who’s last name rhymes with “Lump”. Just an educated guess.

When we were watching the election on CNN, my husband was cursing about Gale King repeating over and over “Donald Trump is popular among uneducated white males”. We spent the election teasingly calling each other derogatory political names like “bleeding heart liberal” and “uneducated white male”. We were both equally horrified by the two options and what America had come to.


That morning when I woke up I was absolutely dumbfounded to say the least. I didn’t exactly like Hilary Clinton, but I assumed that people just wouldn’t be able to endorse Donald Trump because of all of the things he had openly said. I truly did not think he had a chance. (However I can understand the reasoning behind not voting for Hilary, I just didn’t think he would win)

I walked out of my bedroom as my husband was walking toward the bedroom, grinning ear to ear with coffee in hand.

“You gonna make it?” he teased.

“Shut up.” I growled, still not totally awake.

We sent each other goofy texts throughout the day, when we were around eachother he would read off the latest meme or Facebook fight he saw and I would roll my eyes because I don’t really care.


We had dinner at my in-laws for my father-in-law’s birthday, and then we went home and got our kids ready for bed. He brushed my sons teeth while I put the baby to bed, he started reading his own goofy version of the Frozen Ever After book to the kids and I joined them once the baby was asleep. We sat together, laughing at the crazy story he was inventing, tucked everyone into bed, and went to sleep.

We didn’t fight about it because we both mutually understand that we voted for what we felt was best for our country. I care about certain things more than he does, and some of the things he really cares about are just not important to me. Or we disagree on how they should be handled. But I don’t think he is a “misogynist republican” and he doesn’t think I am a “stupid liberal”.


Because that is what living in a democracy means. And because we aren’t a couple of ass holes.


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