Visiting the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

Aaaaah it feels good to be back at it.

I needed a blog-break while I was dealing with some personal matters. People who know me know that I am a dweller. I wish I wasn’t, but I totally am. I had a lot going on and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t bring myself to write about anything but the difficulties I was experiencing. We were in the process of terminating my ex-husbands parental rights so my husband could legally adopt her, and it was a difficult and draining time.


I am excited to say that everything went out way, and we are beginning the process of adoption, but I needed a little TIME OUT!

I try to turn to meditation and prayer when things get chaotic for me, but sometimes the truly best medicine in nature.


Today my son and I paid a visit to one of our favorite places, the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge!


We grab some snacks and go out on the auto tour. It takes us a little over an hour, and you can turn your radio to a special station where it guides you through an audio tour as you drive. We’ve been so many times that now we turn the radio completely off and drive slowly with the windows rolled down.


Sometimes it’s so still and quiet, other times its roaring with life, but every time we visit we come away with new fond memories. We’ve seen several Bald Eagles as well as the thousands of geese and ducks that migrate through the area every year.

This works great to break up a sick day. When EVERYONE has a cold and you are tired of sitting in the house staring at the TV, its nice to go out and enjoy the fresh air while still be snuggly tucked into the truck.


Once we finish the tour, we park in the parking lot and do the nature cache. If you aren’t familiar with Geocaching, you need to FIGURE IT OUT. I’m moving forward with the assumption that you DO know what it is. There is a nature cache and a physical cache to find where you can get a little wild life refuge badge. We enjoy walking the paths smelling the eucalyptus leaves and keeping an eye out for the rabbits and squirrels that dart through the brush.

There are refuges everywhere, and getting in is easy and inexpensive. Pack a lunch and drive out to the nearest refuge near you! Learn something about your environment and walk away with a new very special memory.

“The beauty and charm of the wilderness are his for the asking, for the edges of the wilderness lie close beside the beaten roads of the present travel.”

-Theodore Roosevelt



One thought on “Visiting the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

  1. I just found your blog and will be spending some time reading your precious posts.
    I’m very impressed, proud of you and just plain full of love for you, Bear and your cubs.
    All my Love Melissa,


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