New Year, Same Me (Minus The Mom-Pooch)


So for the past two weeks I have been in the beginning of my weight loss journey.

My motivation has been my upcoming trip this May to Beaufort, SC! I am SO excited! But, I want to wear a bikini with CONFIDENCE when I go to the beach. So I am ready to drop some pounds!

I began by downloading the myfitnesspal app by underarmour to help me track my calories. I had NO idea how much food I was eating!

So when I began on January 5 I weighed 166 lbs (I lied and put 165 because I am a disgusting human being). Today, January 13, I weigh 162 lbs! That is the least I’ve weighed in 5 years, and ALL I have done is cut my calories to less than 1,380 per day. It’s an easy app to use and I can get everything I need out of the free version which is why it works for me.


Today my husband and I went for a 15 minute mile walk and I felt SO good and when I entered the activity in my app it said I burned about 69 calories. The good feeling plus the added effect on my calories just really motivated me to start bringing exercise into my weight loss journey.

I began this journey with a 30 day yoga challenge that quickly tapered off because it is HARD to take 15 minutes to do yoga at night when everyone is running around like wild banchees. So I found this 30 day challenge calendar and I am going to begin it tonight! It seems way more my speed and I find the switch up really refreshing.


SO I am going to hold myself accountable on my blog, and I am going to log my weight with more honesty (because I am only hurting myself). I will log my progress every week and hopefully this will inspire someone to take the plunge! If I can do it anyone can do it!

If anyone wants to join in or try the challenge feel free to share your results with me! I can cheer you on!

Also, any healthy dinner recipe suggestions are appreciated! Cheers to us!


3 thoughts on “New Year, Same Me (Minus The Mom-Pooch)

  1. Nadya

    Good way to start a new year!
    I have started excising too, because now that my baby is 6 months old – its about time! I have started with a DVD workout and do it while my youngest is taking her morning nap. And my toddler is usually watching me from the couch ha!
    I am not ready to cut calories since I am still nursing, but I think I am off to a good start with excising 5 times a week. We will see. I want to start running with my husband when summer comes, so I have to take baby steps while I have time.
    I hope you stick to your plan and have fun doing it! Good luck! 🙂


    1. Good luck to you too! It’s hard I don’t know about you but I REVELED in my pregnancy lol I just ate whatever and when I was nursing I was also just packin on the calories. It’s taken a lot of work to start to retrain myself and be more mindful. I’m also noticing the older I’m getting the harder it is to just decide “I’m going to be healthy now!” My entire body hurts!!! Lol


      1. Nadya

        It is hard! During pregnancy I ate what I wanted, but didn’t gain much. I was at my pre-pregnancy weight shortly after delivery. And while nursing I don’t seem to be limiting myself much. I am not gaining, but I am just stuck. And I hate where I am stuck. I was my ideal weight and shape only once in my life, and that was almost 10 years ago…
        At this point, my whole body hurts too, and I just want to be healthy for my kids. I want to have energy to play and keep up with them 🙂
        We can do it! 😉


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