30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

So as if I didn’t have enough going on (baby, puppy, two dogs, a turtle, a marriage, two school age kids, full time job…) I thought I’d add a 30 day yoga challenge!

You can join me by following this link to access the totally free challenge on YouTube!

So I started this challenge a while ago but quickly fell off. I just didn’t FEEL right. Now that I’ve been working on eating better and FEELING better, I feel like I’m ready to commit to this challenge!

So today was day one. What I really like about it is her emphasis on not trying to “nail the pose” but instead ease into it at your own pace, doing what feel comfortable to you.

Right when I’m like “uuuuh I need to stop” she’s like “you might feel a burning, and you might feel shaky, but just breathe through it” as if she was right there cheering me on!

So after day one I feel stretched out and clear. I feel more relaxed and at peace it’s a WONDERFUL feeling. My first go around I felt like I wasn’t gaining much from the challenge, and now after re-starting after work (but before picking up my kids) I see that I should stress the importance of doing this with NO distractions! I felt much more present when my husband wasn’t sitting behind me watching and my kids weren’t running up behind me spanking my butt!

So join me and comment with your experience! Even if you aren’t starting on 1/19/17, let me know how it’s going! What are your intentions during this challeng? How are you feeling on day one?

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