Healthy(er) Turkey Stuffed Shells

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recipe on here! I thought I would share a new recipe that we tried out tonight that was easy, pretty quick, cheap and a winner!

If you follow my blog, you know that I am in the beginning of my weight loss journey. So my husband and I have been looking for food that is lower in calories for us but still something our kids will eat.

Sometimes that means we make two dinners, but tonight it was all good!

Here’s what you need:

1lb ground turkey

1 box large shell noodles

1 jar spaghetti sauce

1/2 chopped onion

2 cups low fat cottage cheese

1 cup Parmesan cheese

Mozzerella cheese (this goes on top so it’s totally up to you on how much you use)

Things I would’ve added had my kids not been picky little shits:

Chopped mushrooms

Spinach leaves

How to cook it:

Sauté onions (and mushrooms and spinach if you choose) 

While that is sautéing, get the water boiling. We used the entire box of large shells noodles but ended up not needing that much and throwing some out which hurts my soul. 1/2 the box should be plenty.

Above: leftover shells

Below: the box

When the noodles are al dente, drain them and let them sit in a pot of WARM water to keep them moist.

Preheat over to 350.

Once the onions are looking good, add the turkey meat and cook until its evenly browned. I like to season the crap out of the meat but that is a personal choice and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop judging me.

Pour the meat into a mixing bowl and add your cottage cheese and Parmesan. I also added a lot of pepper to taste. Mix well! This is your shell stuffing!!!

Stuff the shells and place in a 9×13 baking sheet. Pour spaghetti sauce over them and sprinkle (or dump) mozzerella cheese over everything.

Bake for 35-40 mins (I baked mine for 45 because my oven is a piece of shit).

Play with snap chat filters while it’s baking.

Serve with salad and bread! Or whatever…you do you.

My kids ate the CRAP out of this! My husband said each shell was about 250 calories….idk if I believe him. BUT regardless it’s much healthier then the ricotta and ground beef stuffed shells I love so very very much.

Also: look at my baby and our new puppy!!

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