Weight loss check in #1-week 3

So I didn’t want to start checking in for my weight loss until I was sure I could commit. So I have decided every Friday I will check in and log my progress so far!

I was weighed at the Doctor on Tuesday and today (Friday) I haven’t lost anything since then (not a surprise). So I will check in for the sake of checking in but nothing major to report.


So as of today I am down 9 lbs in three weeks! Just by cutting my calories. Yesterday I started yoga, and I have been trying to go for walks but nothing consistent over the past three weeks.

What I have learned through counting my calories is how INSANE I was with how much I was eating. I would eat my regular three meals a day, like four-five cups of coffee, and then have six donuts throughout the day. Assuming each donut is about 200 calories, just the donuts are almost equal to how many calories I eat in a day now!

Today I went and got two donuts, and they were SO worth it. I haven’t had a donut all year! (haha, its only been this year for three weeks…I’m funny.)


So although it was a nice little reward (plus I had a rough morning) I am kind of regretting wasting my calories there! This is something I have never really thought about.

I am not trying to be a calorie Nazi, but through counting my calories it is forcing me to look at the choices I am making for my family. Since we began this journey, we are all eating healthier. I am sneaking more veggies into my kids food and getting PRETTY DAMN GOOD AT IT.

It FEELS good.

So I will be checking in again next Friday, and I will also be logging my Day 2 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge later today so be on the look out for that! 2017 is the year of WELLNESS.


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