30 Days Of Yoga- Day 3: Forget What You Know

Hello everyone!

So today was Day Three and my first day of going through the challenge on a day when my family is home with me (yay weekend). I spent most of the day waiting for an opening to squeeze in Day 3 until I came to the realization that I was just going to have to take the time.

What an amazing concept, right?

The idea that if there is something I want and need to do I don’t have to wait for the time to be awarded to me. I need to take the time. Because my own needs matter, and putting my own needs last is part of why I am where I am at with my PPD.

So, much to the dismay of my entire family, I gave the baby to my husband who had to make a bottle, stole my daughters Yoga Mat, locked myself in my room and took the time that I NEEDED to complete my task.

Today was a lot of balance which I was not SHOCKED that I lack. I am learning a lot about myself and setting internal goals throughout the challenge to breathe through the difficulty. I’m not allowing myself to be discouraged by the fact that I struggle to do some of the challenge! Instead, I’m celebrating what I can do and working towards being able to do what I struggle to do.

So the photo I chose for this featured image is me on my daughters mat holding the door closed in my own made-up yoga pose “stay the fuck out of my room”. It makes me laugh, and had truth sprinkled into it.

I also realized I had a difficult time finding space for the mat even though my room is pretty big! I want to focus on making my room a space that I enjoy utilizing.

Right now I am listening to the rain and the frogs and it’s really relaxing πŸ’› thank you for sharing this journey with me ✌🏻 namaste!

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