30 Days of Yoga- Day 4: Yoga For Your Back

Namaste: The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you

Napaste: When you squeeze in some yoga while your baby takes a nap

Today is day four and I am feeling the burn!

I love that I feel that I can keep up with this challenge I don’t feel like I’m struggling to keep up with her. I feel like I get a good work out but I’m not writhing in pain. It is important for me to still be functional as I have three children!!

Today my children were running around while the baby took a nap. My husband is working so it was just us! Today they had to learn that this is my time and that they can join me if they wish but they need to practice being patient and mindful. Today they had to learn to respect mommy’s personal time. This was a hard lesson and we had a nice little conversation before I began where I explain to them that once I started I was not stopping and that they could either join me sick quietly or play together. I was not giving them another option.

I am thankful that they participated just as much as I did, I am proud that they got to witness me taking this time for myself, i’m excited for them to see me begin and complete something and I am hopeful that we will continue to have more moments like these!

My baby woke up right when I finished the timing really couldn’t have been better!

We are now snacking on some mac & cheese and about to pop in a movie because the clouds are beginning to roll in!

Be well 💛💛✌🏻

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