30 Days Of Yoga- Day 5: FEEL ALIVE FLOW

It’s here, it’s here, day five is here!!!

Today was difficult in many ways I felt myself really really needing this yoga time for myself. I almost went to bed without it, and I thought “why would I take that away from myself??” Because would I really feel BETTER because I went to bed 15 minutes earlier? No. The answer is no.

So it was fitting that day five was about feeling ALIVE! 🙌🏻 I needed that life pumped into me today! I wish I would’ve started my morning with some yoga instead of cramming it in at the end of the day 💛

Each day is more of a workout then the previous, but I’m feeling like I’m getting it more. I find myself not needing to stare at the screen the entire time! My heels are inching closer and closer to the ground. Im hopeful that in 25 days, I will have mastered downward facing dog 🐶

So tonight I’m taking away energy and pride. I’m PROUD of myself for doing this. I’m proud that I love myself enough to be mindful of how much I NEED it. Today wasn’t perfect, but it was still a beautiful day. I’m happy in this moment 💛

I got some pearl earrings today! I picked pearl because the ocean is where I belong. I felt that having these pearls with me would help me feel grounded and take me back to that happy place by the sea 🌊

Also, gave my baby a pep talk so he can be filled with the confidence to walk. It didn’t work, but we both got a good laugh out of it!


Namaste 🙏💛

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