30 Day Yoga Challenge- Day 7: Total Body Yoga

Day SEVEN!!Woop woop 🙌🏻

Today I was feeling my abs BURN from Day Six, so I was anxious to see how today was going to go!

(Disclaimer: the photo above was totally staged. I’m holding onto a wall to brace myself. My seven year old is NOT supporting the weight of my entire body lol)

Today felt like a GIFT. A true gift to myself. I have sick kids, I just had a crummy day in general. Marital stuff, job stuff…everything kind of spirals on top of itself.

I love that I am not needing to look at the screen as much. I FEEL the progress. My heels are slowly reaching towards the ground, my poses are becoming more formed. I find myself smiling involuntarily! Even when it burns!

So I am going to take this moment to thank myself for giving myself this gift and I am excited to see what tomorrow brings.


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