30 Days Of Yoga- Day 9: Full potential detox practice (and a crow!)

Day nine and I’m feeling fine!

Actually although I do feel really good I’m not quite so fine. Today got my heart going for sure!

Also I bought a yoga block because I am making it my new personal mission to perfect crow pose! Today was my first try with my block and man did not make a big difference! Definitely have some work to do I probably wasn’t as graceful as a yoga master might be but I’m proud!

So like I already said today got my heart going I feel the blood pumping in my thing I lay down and did a Vinyasa a little bit longer than I normally do, it felt amazing and transformative.

How are you feeling today on day nine? Are your abs still sore from six or am I the only wimp with no abdominal strength?? Man oh man!

Like I’ve said before I’m starting to look at the screen less and less which is really exciting. Before it felt like this totally foreign well but I needed to be guided through and now with some light instruction I can make my way through most of the poses.

It’s getting easier and more importantly I am feeling good!

This week has been hard in so many ways including the health of my family. Everybody has been sick on breathing treatments it’s been kind of a nightmare!


So it’s nice to be able to take this time for myself to re-energize and revitalize and reconnect. I hope that you are gaining the same things from this practice.

Namaste! See you tomorrow!

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