30 Day Yoga Challenge- Day 10: 10 Minute Sun Salutation Practice

Today was stressful to say the least!

My baby had an allergic reaction to the penicillin and his anabiotic he was prescribed for bronchitis!!! He had a terrible rash all over his body and the doctors told us had it not been for the steroid he been prescribed for his lungs the reaction would’ve been much worse!!

So when we got home we packed a lunch give him some Benadryl and took a soothing drive through the hills. It was like medicine for the soul!

When we got home I just really felt myself called to the challenge and when I saw the title I knew something I had to do!

I got some snacks for the baby put the seven-year-old in charge and did the yoga while my baby crawled between my legs! It wasn’t as calm and serene as it is when the kids aren’t home but it was real. It was real life!

It was fun kicking it up a notch and transitioning through the movie is much quicker, but today was definitely one of the more mellow practices (which is what I needed!)

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