30 Day Yoga Challenge- Day 12: Yoga For Spinal Health

It’s day 12 it’s day 12 we’re almost halfway there!

I took my baby to his pediatrician to get them checked out for his allergic reaction to his anabiotic over the weekend. Everything’s fine and he is now happily with grandma, however I decided to take this time before heading back to work to scarf down my lunch and squeeze in a little yoga!


So today there was the tree pose. The tree pose guys. I learned a lot about myself with the tree pose. I learned that I can’t do the tree pose (yet!). That will be the next one that I’m going to dedicate my life to mastering!

As of right now I am incorporating a tutorial that Adriene does on her channel for mastering the crow pose. So she didn’t do a crow in today’s practice but the crow that you see in the featured image is more me practicing and being proud! Just imagine I’m like your kid and I put my artwork on your refrigerator. That’s about where we’re at right now.

Here is the video for crow pose if you’re interested in it! It’s pretty cute you can tell she filmed it around Halloween time and she of course puts her own little fun spin on it which I really appreciate!

So aside from tree there was a lot of good stretching happening, a lot of checking in with the spine which felt real good; it was just a good thing to squeeze in before I head back to work!


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