30 Days Of Yoga- Day 13: Endurance and Ease

Day thirteen!

Day 13 almost didn’t happen… just got to be honest.

Life is busy and it’s hard sometimes to take even 15 minutes out of your day for yourself. I had to cram day 13 in at about 1030 last night and I didn’t even have enough energy to write up a post on here. Some days are just full.

But I am thankful that I was able to dig deep and make it happen. Because in the grand scheme of things it’s important to be able to take 15 minutes for yourself. I feel like every mom should get a minimum of an hour every day!

So here’s to us for taking these moments for ourselves even when it feels like we’re squeezing it in at the end of an already too full day. Because the way that we feel IS important!


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