30 Day Yoga Challenge- Day 17: Happiness Boost Yoga

Today was fun and happy but man oh man did I STRUGGLE to fit in some yoga!

Today we went to the farmers market and I got some beets for my Chakra Challenge!

So here we are, Day 17, and I crammed in my yoga at 10:00 pm!

I mean guys. If I can do this you can. I literally have no time! 

I FEEL good. Good isn’t the right word…I feel GREAT!

So today’s practice I learned how much I’m lacking in the balance department. I don’t know if it was my husband sitting there with the fussy baby or I’m just not too coordinated but I couldn’t hold a pose to save my life!

I didn’t make time for any crow, but now I’m off to find some way to make these beets look appetizing…


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