30 Day Yoga Challenge- Day 18: Wonder Yoga 

So immediately after day 18 while taking a moment in corpse pose, Drake decided to snuggle up on top of me! 

He sat next to me the entire practice slowly trying to copy the moves as best he could, and kissing me very gently any chance he got. Once I was flat and stopped moving he was all over situating himself on top of me and snuggling up! Then Jake up crawled up to my head and tried to grab my eye and I thought to myself “this is my life in a snap shot!”

At exactly that moment Annabelle said “I want to take a picture of you like this for your blog!” Well…that made my heart burst. I love that my little monkey wants to be involved in my blog, and how much they watch me and how excited they are for me.

So today was faster paced and I really felt like I had no trouble keeping up! And my balance was much better (I think my husband throws it off). Even with the distractions I am more focused when he isn’t there!!

I’m starting to really dial it in and feel the resistance in my body. It’s amazing how we dial it in and how connected I’m starting to feel to my body.

“Find balance between those opposing forces-great metaphor for life. How do we find balance between and sun and the moon?”

Coming away from today’s practice I feel grounded. The weather is turning and its starting to rain and my boys are playing in the front yard before it’s time to come it and everything feels just as it should be.

Also today I received communion at church which I’ve never done before (this is my second day at church) and everyone keeps saying I shouldn’t have taken communion because I’m a newbie? Is this true???? Am I about to be striked by lightening?!

Well I hope you all have an amazing day!

Namaste 🙏🏻 

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