Northern California: Chico farmers market

Northern and southern California truly could be two entirely separate states. I don’t mean that in the “state of Jefferson” kind of way (you’d know what means if you’re from Northern California), but just in the idea that our cultures and our geography is totally different. I guess the fact that that’s all rolled up into one state is what makes California so special.

I’m 100% a NorCal girl. I was born in Sacramento, raised in Live Oak (a small rural town north of Sacramento) and I’ve spent the majority of my life camping and vacationing in the North State.

The local plasket meadows:

To the redwood coastline in Humboldt County:

All the way through the rice fields that dot the valley:

It’s a beautiful place to be. (That’s why it’s so expensive to live here)

If you find yourself in the Chico area on a Saturday, you should go visit the Chico Certified Farmers Market!

Note in the picture above he man playing the SHIT out of that banjo. Like….I mean that is wonderful.

From 7:30-1pm rain or shine YEAR ROUND you will see the tents popped up in the Downtown Chico Municipal Parking Lot  at2nd St. & Wall St.

While your shopping you can grab some delicious freshly made food (hold out for the samosas…they are ALWAYS there SOMEWHERE).

Honestly just walking through and browsing is the most fun for me. Everything is so beautiful and full of color, and the people who are selling are very kind and proud of what they have to offer.

My only regret of the day was not getting a mug with a face on it. I will come back for you, sweet coffee mug.

After the farmers market, if you have time head over to Powells for a Willy Wonka-like experience that will win over even the grouchiest of grouches (guaranteed-my husband loves it! Heehee)


(I recommend a half lavender honey half strawberry. Only skip the cookie straw if you hate happiness.)

Freshly made candy!!

This deserved a close up:

And their Willy Wonka shrine!

Then head over to Bird in Hand and snap a quick shot in front of th worlds largest wooden yo-yo and tak a quick walk around the little yo-yo museum! And of course, buy a yo-yo. I mean…duh.

Then, walk gleefully back to your vehicle and be on your way!

I mean look at the joy on my face with my gelato in hand. That’s why you gotta do it. I mean just suck it up buttercup and make it happen captain.

Then go home and admire your spoils! 

It FEELS good when you go to a farmers market. The atmosphere, the educational opportunity for your children…the entire experience. We can buy cauliflower here in willows at Walmart easily. But we got up early and drove an hour to buy it because it means more when your children see where it comes from. It’s fun to say “this man who we are handing our money to went out and picked this food that we are going to bring home and eat tonight.” 

It’s a simple joy, but we need more simple joys in this world.

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