Getting to the ROOT of it

So in an effort to be more ROOTED in Muladhara (Root Chakra…see what I did there? I’m funny…) I thought I would prepare a meal that would be “of the earth”.

I started with BEETS because they are totally a root. Like 100%.

I decided if I was going to eat a beet, I should try to really get in the essence of the vegetable. So my first bite was raw, and it went like this:

It actually wasn’t that bad lol but it wasn’t that good either.

So instead, I wrapped the beets in tin foil, drizzled some olive oil and seasonings and slid them into the over at 450 for an hour (or until you can slide a knife through it easily).

While that was cooking, I started in on the cauliflower. It’s SUPER easy which is the most important thing for me. 

Cauliflower is also an earthy vegetable and I thought it would be appropriate for a meal centered around Muladhara.

I boil the cauliflower until it’s easily mashable. Then I pop it in the blender and sprinkle with a little garlic powder. Blend it until it’s to the consistency of mashed potatoes! My son hates veggies and he has NO IDEA. It’s actually really good! I of course put a little gravy over the top to tie it altogether.

The meatloaf is the same recipe from my Hot Mess Meatloaf, but I substituted the ground beef with ground turkey. It’s still super delicious and lower calories. Win-win.

So the verdict????


It was good, grounded and totally got me feeling rooty! Mom for the win!

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