My Weight Loss Check in: Week 6

Today is my check-in day!

I am down a total of 10 lbs from my beginning weight on January 1st and 2lbs from last Friday!


I am proud of where I am, and even though some days I do better than others I feel like I’m winning at life right now!

My goal has been to loose weight without doing anything drastic. I haven’t joined any gyms, I don’t take any supplements, I eat normal food for the most part…I even use the free version of the MyFitnessPal app which I use to keep track of my calories. I work full time, I have three kids…I have a lot going on!

If I can do it, ANYONE can.

So my goal is that by May 5th I will be weighing in at 140 lbs, which would be a weight loss total of 28 lbs in 5 months. That will be the least I have weighed since I was twenty years old! I feel confident that I can do it!

Good luck to all of you who, like me, are trying to live a better life!


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