30 Day Yoga Challenge: Days 21-23 (and getting back on the horse)

So today I SHOULD be on day 27!  BUT INSTEAD I found time in my day today to fit in Days 21-23 which I had neglected to do! 

Why didn’t you do it Melissa?? Does that mean…you FAILED THE CHALLENGE?!

Well go put away your gavel Judge Judy, because I’m about to deliver some TRUTHS. 

FIRST failure is giving up. I have made a commitment to myself to NEVER give up on me. Did I fall off the path a little? Yes. I’m a busy mother of three. Do I regret it? Yes I do! Every day that I didn’t complete the challenge I could feel my body responding negetively. 

Yoga FEEL good. Doing it today felt great! It was healing. It’s important to be healed!

So the moral of my story to you is that life is busy and we are not slaves to our routine. If you fall off the horse, you get back on. You have not FAILED.

I chose the following image to personify exactly what I’m saying here. Life is BUSY. We should always be able to take 30 minutes for ourselves, but the reality is that we can’t always do that. No one should feel bad about that.

THAT BEING SAID it felt AMAZING to be starting up again. I did 21 on my lunch break, and 22-23 after my kids went to bed. Man oh man did that get my heart pumping!

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

How fitting that day 23 is titled “Freedom & Forgiveness”! 

Today was about freedom and forgiveness for the things in my life that have been obstacles in this challenge. Forgiveness for letting things get away from me. Freedom from unrealistic obligation, and freedom from shame. 

It makes me think of the quote that you hear all the time, but don’t really know where it originated:

“God grant me the serenity 

To accept the things I cannot change; 

Courage to change the things I can; 

And wisdom to know the difference.”

So I googled it and according to this Wikipedia page, it’s the Serenity Prayer. Go check it out if you want there a lot of info there and I am not interested enough to delve into that.

So I hope you’ve gained something today. If nothing else, just the fact that we are l human and perfectly imperfect!


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