Weight loss check in: Week 7

Well not much to report. Haven’t gained or lost, I’m at a solid 158 lbs!

I haven’t been charting my calories lately and I know that as a result I’ve been going over my calorie goals. I’m actually amazed I haven’t gained!

So starting tomorrow I’m BACK on the daily calorie counting. I am hopeful that next Friday the numbers will have gone DOWN!

This happened:

We ate like…half the bag. Tonight. And I just bought it like…tonight.

I’ve never said I didn’t lack self control!

BUT no more of these delicious powdering slices of heaven. I am taking control of my body-I REFUSE to be stagnant!

I hope wherever you are in your journey you find pride in the fact that you are even on the journey. I wish you well and I’m silently cheering you on from afar!

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