30 Day Yoga Challenge: The Final Countdown

Because these pose seem a little redundant, I felt like it would be just as effective to do the last four days all in one post!

I’m proud of myself for finishing the challenge! It was hard, there were many nights when I just wanted to go bed…but it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it.

There are so many benefits that just really go beyond the physical. There’s the accomplishment of comiting yourself to something and finishing it out, the deeper connections with your body, the rooting feeling that comes with deep breathing. It’s transformative.

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

And daaaaaay *drum roll* 30!

So my take from this is that is is really for EVERYONE. Although some days were harder than others, I think from here on our it’s a good warm up before beginning a more intense work out. So I will be taking some of the yoga with me as I move forward in my weight loss journey. 

Daily yoga is transformative. 

And, as I demonstrated myself, sometimes it’s just not going to be daily. Life is life. So it’s important to not feel as if you failed because it took you 35 days to finish the 30 Day Challenge, or maybe it took even more! Who even cares? It’s about you finding what feels good for yourself.

I tried to get some pictures with my husband but my crappy phone camera coupled with the awkwardness of trying to pose him and our dogs acting like maniacs only resulted in the following:

And so instead I used my celebratory mom-arita that I had with dinner. Pomegranate margarita y’all!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!


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