Weight loss check in: Week 8

Well…I’ve been bad.

Guys I learned how to MAKE DONUTS. It was a mistake…I should’ve never tried to do it. Now I have a serious problem.

I mean…I already had a problem but now it’s way worse.

So now I’m up five pounds and only five pounds from my starting weight!

A little discouraging…but I’m back on track with watching my calories and my husband and I are ready to redidicate ourselves to our mission!

 As a mom…it can be hard to give yourself to anything. Going through the 30 Day Yoga Challenge I learned that! It’s hard to do something for yourself every single day.

It’s EASY to order take out after working all day and a late clinic and your husband coaching and taking care of sick kids. And it’s easy to do that several nights in a row (not very easy on the budget!)

So even though the scale went up, I’m feeling good! Time to get back at it!

…and no more donuts.

Ok maybe some more donuts but I’m not making them anymore. That’s a slippery slope.

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