Yogi Surprise Subscription Box: an honest review

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Yogi Surprise. I’ve seen the subscription box floating around and I’ve been tempted to try it out…and I’ll just say I’m GLAD I did!

Anyone who knows me or has read other posts will know how much I appreciate prompt shipping. I HATE waiting! 

The box shipped out Thursday and I received it at my front door Friday! So basically it could have just had a nice hand written note and I would’ve loved it just because it got here so quickly!

BUT. It did not just have a hand written note.


So this is the box it was shipped in which is a cute little box and my kids are getting a kick out of it so I guess it can be repurposed into a toy!

When you open the box there is a little blurb about the theme of the box. This month is focused around Spring (very fitting) and the theme is “Time To Blossum”.

Along with the theme-card is a little card with some yoga poses to try! For visual learners like me, I appreciated the little cartoons!

So here is my box and a glance:

My March box contained:

Jivana Ayurvedic & Yoga Body Butter ($21)

Soul Flower Boho Headband ($16)

Ulimana Coco Nectar Truffles ($5.39)

Andalou Naturals Coconut Firming Face Mask ($14.99)

Rhythm Superfoods Broccoli Bites ($4.00)

Moon Valley Organics Muscle Rub ($13.00)

So this would total to around $75 retail before shipping. And if you purchase your subscription through my link here, you will be able to get you OWN monthly themed box for just 44.95/mo- and you can get 20% off FOR LIFE with code YOGILOVE 

Jacob and I decided to muddle through the box together while the bigger kids were across the street playing with the neighbor kids!

​As fun as it was taking everything out, I was really blown away by the quality of the products. Especially that they are full sized and not crappy little samples.

Brocolli Bites:

So they are harder then I thought they would be and look like a marijuana bud….but they were good! 

Jake wasn’t totally sure at first but warmed up to them. 

​Definitely something I will continue to buy in the future!

Next were the truffles!!!

They looked super hatd and gross but they were actually VERY surprisingly moist!

The truffles were really rich so I didn’t hork them down…which is not typical for me but probably better for me!

Next was the lotion which I’ve been using for a week now and man I have seen a huge difference! I will definitely purchase this separately in the future! I typically have really dry forearms I don’t know why but it’s something I’ve always felt with and this has hydrated that area SO much. This is the first product that has done that for me!

I’ve also used the muscle rub several times and I don’t notice a huge difference but I don’t tend to do anything hay requires a lot of muscle rub…so maybe that’s why.

My favorite item was the chakra stones! And that is only because they have provided a LOT of entertainment!

Jacob is not as amused.

So, would I recommend the Yogi Surprise Subscription Box?? 100 times yes! It’s not too expensive, you get a LOT out of it and it’s fun getting a surprise delivered every month!

I can’t wait to see what Aprils box will bring! Namaste my friends!

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